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Impact of Milk Price Increase on Revenue.

Analyse how an increase in the price of milk may affect the revenue earned by milk producers and soft drinks producers.


CIE May/June 2023



Economic principles and concepts play a crucial role in analyzing the effects of changes in prices on revenue earned by producers in different industries. In this essay, we will delve into the impact of an increase in the price of milk on the revenue earned by both milk producers and soft drinks producers. By examining the dynamics of demand elasticity and the concept of substitutes in economics, we will be able to analyze how these changes may influence the revenue of these producers.

I. Effect on Milk Producers
A. Contraction in Demand for Milk:
1. When the price of milk rises, consumers may reduce their purchases of milk due to the higher cost.
2. This decrease in demand leads to a contraction in the market for milk.

B. Revenue Impact:
1. Price Elasticity of Demand:
a. If the demand for milk is elastic, a price increase will lead to a significant decrease in quantity demanded.
b. In this scenario, the revenue of milk producers will decline, as the percentage decrease in quantity demanded will outweigh the percentage increase in price.

2. Revenue Outcome:
a. For inelastic demand or when demand remains relatively constant, an increase in price may lead to higher revenue.
b. In such cases, the decrease in quantity demanded will be smaller than the increase in price, resulting in an overall revenue increase.

II. Effect on Soft Drinks Producers
A. Increase in Demand for Soft Drinks:
1. As the price of milk rises, consumers may seek alternatives, such as soft drinks, due to their lower cost.
2. This shift in consumer preferences leads to an increase in the demand for soft drinks.

B. Revenue Impact:
1. Substitutability of Soft Drinks:
a. Soft drinks serve as substitutes for milk, especially when the price of the latter becomes relatively high.
b. This increase in demand for soft drinks is likely to elevate the revenue earned by soft drinks producers.

In conclusion, the effects of an increase in the price of milk on the revenue earned by milk producers and soft drinks producers are heavily influenced by the concept of demand elasticity and substitutes in economics. While milk producers may experience a decrease in revenue if demand is elastic, soft drinks producers are likely to benefit from an increase in revenue as consumers switch to soft drinks as an alternative. Understanding these economic principles allows us to analyze and predict the outcomes of price changes on producer revenue in different markets.






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