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Factors Encouraging Women's Labor Force Participation


Analyse why more women may join a country’s labour force.


Labor Market and Income Distribution

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I. 🍃Introduction
- Brief overview of the coherent analysis

II. Rise in pay and better job opportunities
- Due to a fall in discrimination
- Change in social attitudes

III. Improvements in education for girls
- More female graduates
- Higher literacy
- Higher productivity/skills
- Higher demand for women workers

IV. Rise in tertiary sector employment
- Higher proportion of women employed in the tertiary sector

V. Fall in birth rate
- Reduction in dependents/dependency ratio
- Rise in availability of childcare
- Making it easier to combine work and parenthood

VI. Increase in population size
- More women available to seek work
- Reduction in male workers due to emigration

VII. Rise in part-time employment, increase in holidays, rise in flexible hours, increase in opportunity to work from home
- Allowing women to combine work with bringing up a family

VIII. More women may need/want to support their families financially
- Due to a rise in cost of living, male workers losing their jobs, increase in divorce

IX. Government measures to encourage women to join the labour force
- Rise in job security
- Improvement in working conditions/fringe benefits

X. 👉Conclusion
- Summary of the coherent analysis
- Implications for the future

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