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Population Problems in Developing vs. Developed Countries


Discuss how population problems in developing countries may differ from those in developed countries.


Demographic Factors and Population

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I. 🍃Introduction
A. Definition of developing and developed countries
B. Importance of understanding the problems faced by these countries

II. Possible problems of developing countries
A. High population growth rate
➡️1. Pressure on resources
B. High birth rate
➡️1. Increased dependency ratio
➡️2. Reduced size of the labour force
➡️3. Use of resources for feeding the population
C. High infant mortality rate
➡️1. Lower quality of life
D. Net emigration
➡️1. Loss of skilled workers

III. Possible problems of developed countries
A. Decreasing death rate/falling birth rate
➡️1. Ageing population
➡️2. Increased dependency ratio
➡️3. Increased cost of pensions/health care
B. Net immigration
➡️1. Pressure on resources
➡️2. Mismatch between skills of immigrants and job vacancies
C. Less severe problems compared to developing countries
➡️1. Longer life expectancy
➡️2. Less risk of overpopulation

IV. 👉Conclusion
A. Recap of the problems faced by developing and developed countries
B. Importance of addressing these problems for global development.

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