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Encouraging Cycling through Government Initiatives


Discuss whether or not a government should encourage more people to cycle.


Public Finance and Government Intervention

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I. Introduction
A. Background information on the topic
B. Thesis statement

II. Reasons why the government should encourage more people to cycle
A. Reduction of external costs
B. Improvement of the environment
C. Improvement of people's health
D. Reduction of traffic congestion
E. Reduction of the need to import petrol

III. Reasons why the government should not encourage more people to cycle
A. Costs involved in building cycle paths
B. Unemployment in the car industry
C. Possibility of more imports of bicycles
D. Market forces resulting in the most efficient allocation of resources

IV. Example of an L3 answer
A. Explanation of external benefits
B. Benefits of cycling for the government
C. Costs involved in promoting cycling
D. Opportunity cost of using land for cycling parks
E. Safety concerns and increased healthcare costs
F. Potential impact on car production and unemployment

V. Conclusion
A. Restate thesis statement
B. Summary of main points
C. Final thoughts and recommendations.

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