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Should Governments Provide Free Dental Treatment?


Discuss whether or not a government should provide free dental treatment.


Public Finance and Government Intervention

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- Briefly introduce the topic of dental treatment and its importance in society
- Provide a thesis statement outlining the main arguments for and against government-funded dental treatment

Body Paragraph ➡️1:
- Explain why dental treatment should be provided by the government
- Discuss how low-income individuals may not be able to afford dental treatment and how this can lead to poverty
- Highlight the importance of dental treatment in improving overall health and productivity of workers
- Discuss the external benefits of dental treatment on society as a whole

Body Paragraph ➡️2:
- Discuss the potential drawbacks of government-funded dental treatment
- Explain how it may increase government spending and result in an opportunity cost
- Highlight the potential for the private sector to provide a better service and be more responsive to consumer demand
- Discuss how some dental treatments may be considered cosmetic and not essential services

Body Paragraph ➡️3:
- Address potential counterarguments to the thesis statement
- Discuss how some people may not appreciate the true benefits of dental treatment and may not take care of their teeth even if treatment is free
- Highlight how government resources may be wasted on people who do not need treatment or on supporting low-income families who may not prioritize dental care
- Discuss how the government's main motive may be to promote economic welfare rather than providing essential services

- Summarize the main arguments for and against government-funded dental treatment
- Restate the thesis statement and provide a final opinion on the topic
- Highlight the importance of considering both the benefits and drawbacks of government-funded dental treatment before making a decision.

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