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Population Problems in Rich, Developed Countries


Explain the population problems a rich, developed country may experience.


Demographic Factors and Population

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I. 🍃Introduction
- Explanation of the topic
- Importance of the issue

II. An Ageing Population
- Causes of an ageing population
- Effects of an ageing population
- Increasing dependency
- Increasing cost of healthcare and pensions

III. A Decreasing Population
- Causes of a decreasing population
- Effects of a decreasing population
- Declining labour force
- Increasing dependency

IV. Net Immigration
- Causes of net immigration
- Effects of net immigration
- Pressure on schools, hospitals, and housing

V. Solutions
- Policies to address ageing population
- Policies to address decreasing population
- Policies to address net immigration

VI. 👉Conclusion
- Summary of the issue
- Importance of addressing the issue
- Final thoughts.

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