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Government Subsidies and Current Account Deficit


Trade Unions: Advantages and Disadvantages


Labor Market and Income Distribution

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I. Introduction
A. Definition of trade union
B. Importance of trade unions in the workplace
C. Purpose of the essay

II. Reasons for joining a trade union
A. To gain greater bargaining power
1. Through industrial action
2. To negotiate with employers
B. To improve working conditions
1. Higher wages
2. Better working conditions
3. Health and safety
4. Fringe benefits
C. To represent workers in disputes with employers
1. Protect their rights
2. Against unfair dismissal
3. Discrimination
4. Increase job security
5. Compensation for work injuries
D. To gain greater influence on the government
1. Increase national minimum wage
2. Increase job opportunities
E. Services provided by trade unions
1. Training courses
2. Improving health and safety
3. Benefits such as discounts at gyms
4. Financial and legal advice

III. Advantages of joining a trade union
A. Collective bargaining
B. Legal representation
C. Improved working conditions
D. Access to services
E. Increased job security

IV. Disadvantages of joining a trade union
A. Membership fees
B. Potential for strikes and industrial action
C. Limited job opportunities
D. Potential for conflict with employers

V. Conclusion
A. Recap of reasons for joining a trade union
B. Importance of trade unions in the workplace
C. Final thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of joining a trade union.

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