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Title :

A thunderstorm night

Essay type:

Descriptive Writing

I crouched in the corner of my comfy sofa, tightly wrapping a thick blanket around me. My parents were stuck at work, unable to return home, as a thunderstorm was ravaging outside and the roads were flooded. I was alone. I decided it was a perfect night for a horror movie marathon.

The winds were moaning in the night. Tree branches scratched eerily my window, making a chilling sound 'Tok, Tok, Tok'. Heavy raindrops hammered frantically against my house, like bullets. I peeked at the window, the streets were empty, not a soul. I cautiously sipped my steaming hot chocolate drink, while I watched a little girl turning in a monstrous creature. She was inside the tv, of course. I had switched on every light in the house, even in the bathroom, I did not care about the electricity bill. I heard the crashing sound of thunder, like a lion's roar, and, suddenly, I was plunged in pitch-black darkness.

My heart pounded wildly. I should not have binge-watched so many horror movies on Netflix. I shrieked in terror when I felt a hand grabbing my foot. . 'Miaw' uttered the monster. I exhaled in relief when I realised that it was only my old grumpy cat, Kiki. I glanced by the window and saw a powerful flash of lightning slashing across the night sky. A few seconds later, I heard the ear-splitting crack of thunder.

I jumped in panic when my phone abruptly started buzzing. I picked up. Hearing the sweet voice of my mother calmed me down. She told me to lock all the doors and windows. My parents would not be to travel back home in this storm, it was too dangerous.

I switched on the flashlight of my phone, grabbed Kiki and made my way to my bedroom. I collapsed on my bed and slipped under the silky drapes. I played video games on my phone until my battery died, trying to stay awake. I was drowned in darkness again. I imagined that a faceless woman in a dirty white robe would open my door at any minute. My ears stayed alert, expecting to hear a knock on my bedroom door or the sound of mysterious footsteps on my roof. I eventually succumbed to the force of sleep. The soft sound of drumming raindrops accompanied me to dreamland.

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