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Title :

Describe the scene at a busy roadside bus stop when the bus is very late. (Remember you are describing the place, the people and the atmosphere.)

Essay type:

Descriptive Writing



Cambridge O Level

October/November 2021

As I approached the bus stop, I could see a large crowd of people milling around, waiting in anticipation for the bus to arrive. The people had a variety of facial expressions, ranging from those who were peacefully waiting to those who were visibly agitated.

The atmosphere was tense and the heat of the day was oppressive. The wait was made even more unbearable by the swarms of flies that buzzed about, drawn by the odour of sweat and refuse. I could see the anxiety on the faces of the people as they watched the road for the bus to arrive.

The roadside was abuzz with vendors selling their wares, from food items to trinkets. The vendors were shouting out their prices, trying to make a sale. They were also trying to attract the attention of the waiting passengers, offering them a distraction from the heat.

Further down the road, I could see a small group of children playing. They were oblivious to the oppressive heat, running around and laughing. It was a stark contrast to the atmosphere of anticipation in which the adults were engulfed.

The wait for the bus seemed to stretch on forever. The tension in the air grew with each passing minute. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the bus finally arrived. The crowd erupted in cheers and there was a mad rush to board the bus. As the bus pulled away, I could see the relieved expressions on the faces of the passengers, happy to be on their way.

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