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Title :

Describe two different possessions which are very important to your family – one which is useful
and one which is for decoration. (Remember you can describe the possessions, how your family
got them and why they are so important to your family.)

Essay type:

Descriptive Writing



Cambridge O Level

October/November 2022

As I sit here reflecting on the possessions that hold immense importance to my family, two particular items come to mind - one that is practical and functional, and the other that serves as a decorative symbol of our heritage.

The first item is an heirloom passed down through generations - an intricately crafted, hand-carved wooden chest that was brought to our family by my great-grandfather, who immigrated to our country in search of a better life. The chest has been used for storage, but over time, it has become much more than just a container for our possessions. It serves as a tangible link to our past, and a symbol of the sacrifices and struggles of our ancestors.

My family treasures this chest not only for its aesthetic beauty and craftsmanship, but also for the memories and stories it holds. It is a constant reminder of our heritage and the importance of preserving our cultural traditions.

The second item that holds a special place in our hearts is an old, ornate mirror that hangs in our living room. This mirror is not only a decorative piece but also a cherished possession of my family. It was a gift from my mother’s parents on their 50th anniversary and holds a sentimental value. This mirror is an important part of our daily life, reflecting not only our appearance but also our family’s history and values.

Both of these possessions, the wooden chest and the ornate mirror, hold immense importance in my family. They are not simply objects but rather hold a great deal of sentimental value, reflecting our heritage and history. They are a reminder of who we are and where we come from, and for that reason, they will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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