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Title :

Write a story which includes the sentence: ‘There were two very different opportunities and he knew he had to choose the right one.’

Essay type:

Narrative Writing



Cambridge O Level

October/November 2019

Mark stood at the crossroads of his life, staring down the two diverging paths before him. One path led to a successful career in law, the other to a life dedicated to the arts. He knew that this decision would shape the course of his future, and he felt a sense of foreboding in his gut.
The thought of a career in law was alluring, with its promises of prestige and financial stability. But Mark had always had a passion for the arts, and the thought of giving that up felt like a betrayal of his true self.
He remembered the words of his grandfather, who had told him that "the truest form of success is when your passion and your profession align." And as he gazed upon the two paths before him, he knew that one of them would lead to true success, and the other to a lifetime of regret.
Mark felt as if he were stuck in a nightmare, a prisoner of his own indecision. He paced back and forth, his thoughts a jumbled mess. He knew that he had to choose the right one, but he couldn't shake the feeling that he was making the wrong decision.
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to clear his mind. And in that moment, he heard the voice of his grandfather once again, "Follow your heart, Mark. It will never lead you astray."
With that, Mark made his decision. He chose the path of the arts, and he never looked back. He knew that it wouldn't be an easy journey, but it would be a true one. There were two very different opportunities and he knew he had to choose the right one.
As he set out on his journey, he encountered many obstacles and faced many challenges. But he persevered, driven by his love for the arts and his unwavering determination. He faced rejection and setbacks, but he never let them discourage him. He knew that true success was not measured by money or fame, but by the fulfillment of one's purpose.
Mark's passion for the arts led him to achieve success in ways he never thought possible. He wrote plays that were performed on Broadway, he directed movies that won awards, and he even wrote a bestselling novel. His work resonated with audiences, and he became a respected figure in the arts community.
Years later, as Mark looked back on his life, he knew that he had made the right decision. He had chosen the path of his heart and had lived a life true to himself. He knew that at the crossroads of his life, he had chosen the right one. And as he closed his eyes for the last time, he felt a sense of peace and fulfillment, knowing that he had lived a life that mattered.
Mark's story is a reminder that in life, we often come to crossroads, where we have to make a choice, it's important to listen to our heart and follow our passion, because it will lead us to where we truly belong.

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