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Write a narrative with the title 'An encounter with danger'

Essay Type:

Narrative Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: The story unfolds in a dense, unexplored jungle in the heart of Amazon in the present day. A location teeming with wildlife, not all of which are friendly to human intruders.

Main character: Jake, a 32-year-old adventurous wildlife photographer, is courageous and driven by his love for nature. His audacity often puts him in risky situations, but his quick thinking saves him every time.

Conflict: Jake, in pursuit of capturing the perfect shot of a rare bird, inadvertently stumbles upon the territory of an aggressive jungle predator and must use his wit and courage to escape.

Dialogue: Dialogue will be minimal, with Jake narrating his thoughts and feelings, thereby revealing his character, resourcefulness, and his appreciation for the wild.

Theme: The story explores themes of adventure, survival, and respect for nature's untamed forces. It emphasizes how a deep understanding of nature can be one's savior.

Tone: The narrative will maintain an adventurous and suspenseful tone throughout, intensifying Jake's encounter with the predator and his struggle for survival.

Pacing: The pace will be brisk, with the tension rising steadily as Jake ventures deeper into the jungle and culminating during his confrontation with the predator.

Plotline: The introduction introduces Jake and his passion for wildlife photography. The climax features Jake's face-off with the jungle predator. The story concludes with Jake's safe return and a newfound respect for the wild.


"An Encounter with Danger" was not just a close shave with a jungle predator. It was a lesson in respect, a call for understanding, and a testament to the unbreakable, wild spirit of the natural world.

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