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Write two contrasting descriptive pieces (300–450 words each): the first about a brand-new
stadium built for a national sporting event; and the second about the same stadium, disused and
abandoned, ten years later. In your writing, create a sense of atmosphere and place.

Essay Type:

Descriptive Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: The story is set in a large, modern sports stadium in a bustling city. It was built for a major national event and was a hub of excitement and activity. Ten years later, the stadium is disused and stands as a monument to past glory.

Main Character: John, a 50-year-old sports journalist who covered the inaugural event at the stadium, and has since chronicled its rise and fall. He is nostalgic, deeply passionate about sports, and has a keen eye for details.

Theme: The story focuses on the transient nature of glory and the passage of time, using the stadium as a symbol.

Tone: The tone should be reflective and somewhat melancholic, highlighting the contrast between the stadium's past vibrancy and its current state of disuse.

Pacing: The story should begin energetically, capturing the excitement and anticipation of the new stadium. As the narrative moves forward, the pace should slow down, reflecting the stadium's decline and abandonment.

Optional: Each piece should be between 300-450 words, focusing on the stark contrast between the stadium's bustling past and its eerie present.

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