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Write a descriptive piece called The Crowd. In your writing, create a sense of atmosphere, and
focus on sound, movement and colour to help your reader imagine the scene.

Essay Type:

Descriptive Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: The setting is a large, bustling city square in the middle of a summer music festival in the present day. Vibrant decorations add to the festive atmosphere, and people from various backgrounds have come together to enjoy the music.

Main Character: The main character is Alex, a 28-year-old musician who is performing at the festival for the first time. He is nervous, yet excited, and is inspired by the energy and diversity of the crowd.

Theme: The central theme of the story is the unity of diverse people through the power of music and the collective experience of a public event.

Tone: The tone should be energetic and vibrant, reflecting the lively atmosphere of the music festival. Use vivid and sensory language to capture the diversity and dynamism of the crowd.

Pacing: The pacing should match the energy of the festival, with fast-paced descriptions of the crowd and music, interspersed with slower moments where Alex observes individual characters in the crowd.

Optional: The story should be approximately 400 words, focusing on Alex's observations and emotions as he experiences the crowd's energy.

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