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Write a narrative which includes the words, ‘... all the screens went blank ...’.

Essay Type:

Narrative Writing

Essay Plan

I. Introduction
A. Maya, a journalist, heads to a groundbreaking press conference
B. Anticipation for a technological breakthrough is high

II. The Press Conference
A. The conference begins with screens displaying visuals of technology
B. The CEO speaks passionately about the new creation
C. Suddenly, all the screens go blank, creating confusion and surprise

III. The Fallout
A. The CEO tries to reassure the audience of a minor glitch
B. Maya and others discover their personal devices are also blank
C. Panic and speculation fill the room as people try to understand the situation

IV. Maya's Investigation
A. Maya heads backstage to find answers
B. She speaks to a technician who reveals the extent of the blackout
C. The world outside is silent and people are gathering in confusion

V. Adaptation and Transformation
A. The world adjusts to the absence of technology
B. Human connections and communities become stronger
C. Maya documents the stories and changes during this time

VI. Returning Technology
A. After a significant period, technology slowly returns
B. The world has been transformed and people have learned valuable lessons
C. Maya's narrative becomes a testament to this transformative period

VII. Conclusion
A. Technology and humanity find balance
B. Lessons learned during the blackout are remembered
C. The world moves forward changed, with a renewed focus on human connection

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