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Report on a fight you witnessed



O level


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Report on a fight you witnessed

To: The Principal


The fight took place at Trinity Secondary School, inside the canteen at about 12 15 P.M on the 20th of July 2021. The fight took place between two class 12 students, Lucian Laurent and Zilean Choo. I was present when the fight between my classmates took place.

It was lunchtime and the canteen was crowded as usual. I saw Lucian walk angrily towards Zilean. Lucian provoked him into a fight. The latter was repeatedly mentioning the name of a girl; Fiora, who I assume was at the origin of their disagreement. Zilean exploded in a fit of rage and lunged towards Lucian landing several kicks in his stomach.

A crowd of students gathered quickly around Lucian and Zilean. Instead of attempting to separate the pair, the crowd cheered at the fight. Some students got out their smartphones and started filming. Some prefects dashed over to stop the fight, in vain. Lucian had fallen to the ground. He was being kicked repeatedly in the abdomen by Zilean. They were both swearing at each other. The fight lasted about 10 minutes.

The fight was stopped when Mr Zed, a teacher, rushed to intervene after being alerted by students. He had to physically impose himself between the boys in order to stop the fight.

Mr Zed dispersed the crowd of students by urging them to go back to their classes. Lucian who was bleeding profusely from the nose was sent to the infirmary. Zilean sustained some slight bruises on his face. The parents of both boys had been contacted. Both boys were afterwards suspended from school.

I was asked by the school disciplinary council, as a witness, to report this fight. Furthermore, I would wish to express my concern about videos of the aforementioned fight that have been circulating on Facebook. Steps need to be taken by the council to remove these videos.


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