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A new television series about travel has just ended. Write two contrasting reviews (300–450 words
each), which will be published on a website called TV Today. One of the reviews is positive about
the series, and the other is critical of it.

Essay Type:

Directed Writing

Essay Plan

Review 1 praises "Travel Tales" as a travel show that showcases culture, geography, and human connection in a compelling narrative. The cinematography is breathtaking, and the host's interactions with locals are respectful and insightful. The show also highlights sustainable and responsible travel, making it a celebration of the world's diversity.

Review 2 criticizes "Travel Tales" for lacking depth in exploring the cultural and historical aspects of the destinations it showcases. The host often overshadows the places, and the locals are relegated to the background. The show's attempt to address responsible tourism feels tokenistic. Overall, the review sees "Travel Tales" as a missed opportunity and hopes for a more well-rounded journey in future seasons.

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