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Write two contrasting descriptive pieces (300–450 words each) about an aeroplane flight: the first
from the perspective of an experienced pilot; and the second from the perspective of a passenger
who has never flown before. In your writing, create a sense of mood and place.

Essay Type:

Descriptive Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: The setting is a transatlantic flight from New York to London. The time is the present day, with the flight taking place in the late afternoon and into the night.

Main Characters: The first main character is Captain John, a 50-year-old commercial airline pilot with over 20 years of flying experience. He is calm, professional, and finds peace in the routine of flying. The second main character is Alice, a 30-year-old woman who is flying for the first time due to a new job opportunity. She is anxious, curious, and excited about the journey.

Theme: The central theme is the contrast between familiarity and novelty, exploring how different the same experience can feel depending on one's perspective and experience.

Tone: For the pilot's perspective, the tone should be calm and reassuring, reflecting his familiarity and comfort with the experience of flying. For the first-time flyer, the tone should be a mix of anxiety, excitement, and awe.

Pacing: The pacing should be steady and gradual for the pilot's perspective, reflecting his routine and the procedural nature of his work. For the first-time flyer, the pacing should fluctuate, reflecting her changing emotions and the newness of the experience.

Optional: Each piece should be between 300-450 words, with detailed descriptions and sensory language to immerse the reader in the perspectives of the two characters.

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