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Ever wondered how A* students revise?

Check out our collection of study materials for A level and GCSE exams

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👑Model Answers

Economics essays on a variety of microeconomics and macroeconomics topics.



Learn the secrets of a top-grade economics student.



Amazing economics notes set in engaging templates designed for memorisation.



All the economics diagrams you'll come across in your studies.


Multiple-choice questions

Economics multiple choice questions classified by topic.

Instant access to years' worth of economics tuition study materials with the

👑Economics study Pack

for A level, GCSEs and O levels


Economics Notes

TooLazyToStudy's economics notes include over 200 frequently examined topics and are set in an engaging template. The best part? These notes are editable so you can rewrite them in your own words in Powerpoint.


TooLazyToStudy's economics notes are:

  • clear and concise and relevant

  • set in an engaging template to facilitate memorisation

  • covering the important topics in the O level, AS level and A level syllabus

  • Editable, feel free to make additions or to rephrase sentences in your own words!

  • Downloadable in PDF

Model Answers

Wonder what goes into a top-grade economics essay answer? We've constructed a collection of over 75 economics essays written by A* students...and yes, diagrams are included. A lot of effort has been dedicated to structure and optimise each and every essay

What's included:

  • Full model economics essays classified by topic

  • Latest questions taken from past papers.

  • Marking schemes, examiner's reports, and tips

Economics Data Questions.

How to gain a maximun of marks in a tricky economics data question? This comprehensive STEP-BY-STEP guide includes all the tips and advice to tackling data response questions.

  • Model Answers included.

  • For A level, AS level, GCSEs and O level.

Economics Multiple Choice Workbook

Practice hundreds of MCQ questions, clasified topic by topic.



  • Cambridge past paper questions classified by topic.

  • 120 A level (9706)  Questions

  • 145 AS level (9706) Questions

  • 135 O level (2281) Questions

  • Answers EXPLAINED