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Ever wondered how A* students revise?

Check out our collection of study materials for A level and GCSE exams

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👑Model Answers

Economics essays on a variety of microeconomics and macroeconomics topics.



Learn the secrets of a top-grade economics student.



Amazing economics notes set in engaging templates designed for memorisation.



All the economics diagrams you'll come across in your studies.


Multiple-choice questions

Economics multiple choice questions classified by topic.


Economics Study Pack

Boost Your Economics Grades, Cut Tuition Costs. 

economics essays

Instant Access to A/AS/O-Level Exam Preparation Materials!

400+ Model Economics Essays + Diagrams

✅ Topical Multiple Choice Questions (from Cambridge Past Papers)

✅ Guides to Answering Data Response Questions

✅ Editable Aesthetic Notes

economics essays.png

1. Economics essays

👉 Learn how to write a top grade economics essay that stands out.

Ever wondered what sets apart a top-grade economics essay?

Learn from 400+ impeccably crafted essays, all authored by A* students. Diagrams are included whenever relevant. Much attention has been devoted to optimize and structure every essay.

🔍 What's Included:

- 400+ Full Model Economics Essays, meticulously categorized by topic
- Latest questions sourced from past papers
-  Marking Schemes, Examiner's Reports, Outlines, and Invaluable Tips
- Downloadable PDFs (for 280 out of 400 Economics Essays without diagrams)

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2.  Economics Data Questions Guide

What's the optimal strategy to answer an economics data question? Subscribe and get access to a comprehensive STEP-BY-STEP guide to tackling data response questions.

  • Model Answers included.

  • For A level, AS level, GCSEs and O level.

    Free Samples:

    👉 A level

    👉AS level

    👉 O level

3. Economics Multiple Choice Workbook

Practice hundreds of MCQ questions, clasified topic by topic.



  • Cambridge past paper questions classified by topic.

  • 120 A level (9706)  Questions

  • 145 AS level (9706) Questions

  • 135 O level (2281) Questions

  • Answers EXPLAINED

    Free Samples:

    👉A level

    👉AS level

    👉O level

4. Economics Notes

👉 Save Time

Avoid the exhausting chore of re-copying and summarizing economics notes.

🔍 What's Included:

  • Pre-prepared notes tailored for A level, AS level, GCSEs, and O level

  • 200+ highly examined topics available for download in PDF format

  • Stylish aesthetic and editable templates (customize the notes in your own words)

economics notes.png
economics notes.png

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How to Access Economics Study Pack

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  • Economics Study Pack

    Instantly Access All Economics Study Materials
    Valid for one year
    • Model Answers➡️Written by A* students. Structured. Top Marks
    • Notes➡️ Clear. Concise. Relevant. Editable.
    • MCQs➡️ Topical. Answers Explained,
    • Data Response➡️ Step-by-Step guide.
    • ✔️Valid for one year
    • No refunds*

Step 2:

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