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A local newspaper recently published an article about plans to prevent cars from driving into the
centre of the town where you live. Readers were invited to write letters to respond to this article.
Write two contrasting letters (300–450 words each): one supporting the plans in the article; and
the other criticising them.

Essay Type:

Directed Writing

Essay Plan

Letter 1 supports the plan to restrict cars from entering the town centre, citing benefits such as improved air and noise pollution, a reduction in the carbon footprint, and the creation of more green spaces and outdoor seating. The letter argues that cities are for people, not vehicles, and that the initiative aligns with the goal of creating sustainable, livable cities. Letter 2 critiques the plan, citing concerns about practical implications such as difficulties for those with mobility impairments, potential harm to local businesses, inconvenience for town centre residents who own cars, and increased congestion on roads around the town centre. The letter suggests a more balanced approach that includes measures such as congestion charges, better cycling infrastructure, improved public transport, and special allowances for those with mobility issues.

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