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Explain the advantages and the disadvantages to a business of using e-commerce to sell their products

Advantages of using e-commerce to sell products:

• The business will be able to target customers. It will be able to attract the attention of people most likely to buy its products
• Less rent and fewer employees are needed. This can help to reduce costs
• It is easy to update prices and products. Customers can be kept informed about new products
• The business will be able to obtain more potential customers, this can help to increase revenue

Disadvantages of using e-commerce to sell products:

• It can be difficult to stand out from competition
• Not everyone has access to the internet
• The costs of the business will be increased in terms of postage and distribution
• Businesses may need to pay for pop-ups to advertise on popular sites
• There may be a lack of personal service
• Customers may want to see or try the product before buying

What are the problems of using the number of employees to measure the size of a business?

• The business may use a lot of machines
• It may be difficult to count part-time employees

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