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Is selecting employees with the right personality more important than their experience for a tertiary sector business?

Selecting employees with the right personality

• The employee may be more willing to learn if she/he lacks experience. Thus the employee can quickly adapt to business requirements
• Skills can be taught but it is not easy to change someone’s personality

• The employee is more likely to make mistakes which could damage the reputation of the business
• The business may incur a higher cost of training which will increase expenses

Selecting employees with the right experience

• Experienced employees will have the ability and skills to do the job
• Experienced employees are likely to make fewer mistakes or provide better service

• Experienced employees can expect higher wages, this will increase labour costs
• It could take more time to recruit an experienced employee

Justification might include:

To conclude an experienced person already knows how to correctly respond to customers. This can help the business offer a more professional service to its customers and this can encourage customer loyalty. However, these skills can be taught whereas personality cannot be changed. Employees with the right personality are able to interact naturally with customers. This is important especially in a tertiary sector business where good customer service is important.

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