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Factors Influencing Foreign Tourists to a Country

Explain the factors that could cause an increase in foreign tourists to a country.


Economic Growth and Development

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Use reliable and reputable sources for your research.

There are several factors that can contribute to an increase in foreign tourists visiting a country.

➡️1. Increase in Incomes Abroad: When there is an increase in incomes abroad, it enhances the ability of foreigners to afford holidays in a particular country. As people's incomes rise, they have more discretionary income to spend on travel and tourism experiences. This increased purchasing power can lead to a higher demand for international vacations, including visits to other countries.
➡️2. Exchange Rate Fluctuations: A reduction in the country's exchange rate can make holidays in that country more affordable for foreign tourists. When the domestic currency depreciates relative to other currencies, it lowers the cost of visiting the country for international travelers. This effectively reduces the price of accommodations, meals, transportation, and other tourism-related expenses, making the destination more attractive and competitive in terms of affordability.
Additionally, it's worth mentioning two other factors that can influence an increase in foreign tourists:
➡️3. Improved Tourist Attractions: Enhancements in a country's tourist attractions, such as the development of better hotels, resorts, landmarks, or natural sites, can significantly increase the appeal and desirability of visiting. Offering unique and high-quality experiences can attract more foreign tourists who seek memorable and enjoyable vacations.
➡️4. Special Events and Festivals: Hosting special events or festivals can also be a driving force in attracting foreign tourists. Events like international sporting competitions, music festivals, cultural celebrations, or exhibitions can generate excitement and draw visitors from around the world. These events provide opportunities for people to experience the country's culture, hospitality, and unique offerings, leading to an increase in tourist arrivals.
It is important to note that these factors do not act in isolation, and a combination of multiple factors often contributes to the growth of foreign tourism in a country. Moreover, factors such as political stability, safety, marketing efforts, and government policies also play significant roles in attracting tourists.


I. 🍃Introduction
A. Background information on tourism and its importance to the economy
B. Thesis statement

II. Factor ➡️1: Economic Growth
A. Explanation of how economic growth can attract foreign tourists
B. Examples of countries that have experienced an increase in tourism due to economic growth
C. Statistical data to support the argument

III. Factor ➡️2: Marketing and Promotion
A. Explanation of how effective marketing and promotion can attract foreign tourists
B. Examples of successful marketing and promotion campaigns
C. Statistical data to support the argument

IV. Comparison of the two factors
A. Discussion of the relative importance of economic growth and marketing and promotion
B. Analysis of how the two factors can work together to increase tourism
C. Statistical data to support the argument

V. 👉Conclusion
A. Restatement of thesis
B. Summary of key points
C. Implications for policy and future research.


An increase in incomes abroad - will increase foreigners’ ability to afford holidays in the country -. A reduction in the country’s exchange rate - making holidays in the country cheaper -. A rise in the price of holidays in other countries/lower price in domestic market - some people will switch to a substitute holiday/costs may be lower in the domestic market -. An improvement in tourist attractions in the country - e.g. better hotels - Special events occurring in the country - e.g. the World Cup. -




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