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Economic Benefits of Pollution Cleanup


Analyse how cleaning up pollution could benefit an economy.


Externalities and Market Failure

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I. Introduction
- Brief overview of the topic
- Thesis statement

II. Benefits of cleaning up pollution
- Reduction of external costs
- Improvement of health and quality of life
- Increase in standard of living

III. Economic benefits of cleaning up pollution
- Reduction in government spending on healthcare
- Creation of jobs and employment opportunities
- Attraction of multinational corporations
- Increase in incomes and reduction in poverty

IV. Recycling and its impact on the economy
- Increase in the country's output
- Less use of non-renewable resources

V. Better working conditions and productivity
- Increase in output and reduction in unemployment
- Reduction in costs of production and inflation

VI. Environmental benefits of cleaning up pollution
- Improvement of the environment
- Increase in tourism and exports of services
- Improvement of the current account position

VII. Reduction in ocean pollution and its impact on the economy
- Improvement of fish stock and quality
- Increase in catches of fish, leading to rise in incomes, revenue, and GDP

VIII. Conclusion
- Recap of the benefits of cleaning up pollution
- Final thoughts and recommendations.

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