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Trade Unions and Economic Development


Analyse how trade unions could increase economic development.


Labor Market and Income Distribution

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I. Introduction
- Definition of trade unions
- Importance of economic development

II. Collective Bargaining on Wages
- Explanation of collective bargaining
- Higher wages and increased purchasing power of workers
- Positive impact on motivation and output

III. Improved Working Conditions
- Protection of workers' rights
- Better health and safety
- More job security
- Higher standards of living and life expectancy

IV. Increased Productivity and Efficiency
- Decreased cost of production
- Decreased final price of goods and services
- Increased competitiveness
- Higher output and economic growth

V. Training and Quality of Output
- Importance of training
- Positive impact on quality of output

VI. Conclusion
- Recap of how trade unions can increase economic development
- Importance of supporting trade unions for economic growth

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