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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Large Tertiary Sector


Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a city having a large tertiary sector.


Market Structures and Competition

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I. Introduction
- Definition of tertiary sector
- Importance of discussing advantages and disadvantages of a city having a large tertiary sector

II. Advantages of a large tertiary sector
- Generates economic growth and high value output
- Generates jobs and leads to low unemployment
- Tertiary sector has high productivity and high pay which can lead to increased consumer spending
- Encourages foreign investment and more capital spending
- Less pollution and low transport costs
- Can export services and improve the current account of the balance of payments
- More tax revenue for the government

III. Disadvantages of a large tertiary sector
- Limited job choices and no manufacturing/agricultural jobs
- Risk of specialising and overdependence on other economies
- Inequality and not all will be able to get jobs in high-paying services such as finance
- Congestion/transport problems, overcrowding, high house prices/housing shortage

IV. Conclusion
- Summary of advantages and disadvantages
- Importance of balancing the growth of the tertiary sector with other sectors
- Final thoughts on the impact of a large tertiary sector on a city's economy.

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