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Unemployment and Its Impact on Living Standards


Discuss whether or not a reduction in unemployment always increases living standards.



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I. 🍃Introduction
A. Definition of economic growth
B. Importance of economic growth
C. Thesis statement

II. Positive effects of economic growth
A. Increase in employment
B. Increase in output
C. Raise in incomes
D. Reduction in poverty
E. Increase in healthcare provision
F. Increase in education provision
G. Reduction in government spending on unemployment benefits
H. Increase in tax revenue
I. Increase in spending on pensions

III. Negative effects of economic growth
A. Employment may not rise
B. Low skilled and low paid jobs
C. Poor working conditions
D. Dangerous and unhealthy working environments
E. Increase in external costs
F. Cost-push inflation
G. Demand-pull inflation

IV. Case study: China's economic growth
A. Overview of China's economic growth
B. Positive effects of China's economic growth
C. Negative effects of China's economic growth
D. Lessons learned from China's economic growth

V. 👉Conclusion
A. Restate thesis statement
B. Summary of positive and negative effects of economic growth
C. Final thoughts and recommendations.

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