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A letter to your cousin

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Dear cousin Freda

How are you doing? I know that people do not write letters anymore but my parents have confiscated my phone. Life without the internet is torture! Anyway, I embarked on an exciting adventure yesterday and I cannot wait to share it with you. I think you will enjoy reading this.

Idris and I bunked classes to go to the circus. Don't tell my parents, by the way, they don't know about that (yet). In case you ask, Idris is my new BFF (best friend forever). He was kind enough to buy our tickets online. Cool guy.

The ticket holder miraculously let us enter. Of course, he gave us a stern stare before that. Why did he let us in? I can come up with three reasons. We were not in uniform, we both look old enough and there was an endless queue of people waiting. The circus show was on the theme of horror and before entering there was a sign saying 'NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED'.

The show started with the 'wolf man'. The play consisted of a person in a wolf costume trapped inside a cage, and I was pretty scary! He was ugly, hairy and his grey fur was stained with blood. He shook the bars of his cage, roared and bared his razor-sharp teeth. He broke out of this cage and bit off the hand of a woman sitting in the front row. Blood was pumping out of the end of her wrist. It was hard to believe they were actors. The wolfman picked up the woman and barged out of the stage.

The show continued with costumed contortionists, fire breathing men and someone walking on shattered glass. It ended with 'Medusa', a woman covered with slithering snakes. She wrapped three enormous shakes around her and rolled around and around until the snakes covered her completely. She even stuck her head in the snake's wide-open mouth! Can you imagine that?!

It was a wonderful day and I do not regret taking the risk of getting caught for bunking! It's way cooler than algebra right? My grades are always perfect anyway.

I miss you so much, my beloved cousin. I hope that you will be back in town soon. I will call you when I get my phone back. It was fun writing this letter.

Lots of hugs


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