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Title :

A narrow escape

Essay type:

Narrative Writing

Leona and her sister, Lillia were having a marvellous time at the Disneyland amusement park, in Paris. They had spent the day taking a variety of rides, eating popcorn and taking selfies with costumed characters. This holiday trip to the amusement parks had been gifted to them by their parents, as they had scored excellent marks in their examinations. Leona and Lucian had spent such a brilliant time, that they begged their parents to extend their holiday by one more day. They wanted to try the remaining attractions that they did not attempt because of the lack of time. After some hesitation, their parents decided to please the girls and stay one more day. The little girls squealed with delight.

The next morning, however, the Brown family were awakened by the piercing ringtone of the telephone. Mr Brown's manager who was at the other end of the line, requested that Mr Brown returned to California as soon as possible. There was an emergency in the office and Mr Brown's assistance was indispensable. Leona and Lillia were quite displeased to hear the news. They sulked throughout their 10-hour flight to California. 'Don't worry my angels' said Mrs Brown 'We'll come back next year, if we save enough money.' Little did the family know, that they would never take the plane again.

A day after their return, the Brown family was horrified to hear of a national tragedy. A flight from Paris to California had crashed. The plane's engine had unexplainedly exploded, leading to the aircraft plunging into the sea, in the middle of a freezing night. There were no survivors among the 100 passengers. The Brown family had difficulty processing this information. This was the same plane they would have taken, had Mr Brown not returned to his office affairs in emergency. If they had extended their stay, they would have been on that fateful flight. It was indeed a narrow escape for the family. The girls have never been so thankful, that they returned from a holiday early.

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