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Title :

Describe the house of a person much older than you.

Essay type:

Descriptive Writing

0500 22


Cambridge IGCSE

February/March 2021

As I walked up the creaky front porch, the musty smell of age wafted through my nostrils. The house belonged to my great-grandfather, a man of ninety-two years, who had lived in the same home for over seven decades. The house, much like its owner, was old and weathered, yet held a certain charm and character that made it feel like a home.

The front door, with its peeling paint and rusted doorknob, opened with a groan, revealing a narrow hallway lined with photographs of family members long gone. The walls were adorned with paintings and tapestries that had faded with time, yet still held a sense of nostalgia. The floorboards creaked underfoot, a testament to the many footsteps that had passed through the house over the years.

As I walked through the house, I couldn't help but notice the clutter. Everywhere I looked, there were trinkets and knick-knacks that my great-grandfather had accumulated over the years. It was as if each piece held a special memory for him, and he couldn't bear to part with them. The living room was filled with old furniture, the upholstery threadbare and the wood worn with age. The sofa, where my great-grandfather spent most of his days, was sagging in the middle, a testament to the countless hours he had spent sitting on it.

The kitchen was small and cramped, but it held a warmth that was hard to find elsewhere in the house. It was here that my great-grandfather spent most of his time, whipping up simple meals for himself and reminiscing about the past. The countertops were cluttered with pots and pans, and the cabinets were filled with old, chipped dishes. The refrigerator, an ancient relic from the seventies, hummed in the background, keeping the few remaining perishables fresh.

As I walked through the bedrooms, I couldn't help but notice the sense of loneliness that permeated the air. The beds were unmade and the closets were empty, a stark contrast to the cluttered living spaces. It was as if the house was a shell of its former self, a shadow of the life that had once been lived within its walls.

Despite its age and wear, the house held a certain charm and character that was hard to find elsewhere. It was a reflection of my great-grandfather, a man who had lived a long and full life. The house may have been old and weathered, but it was filled with memories and love, and that was all that truly mattered.

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