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Title :

Describe two very different and interesting animals which live in your area. (Remember you can describe the behaviour of the animals and the places where they live as well as their appearance.

Essay type:

Descriptive Writing



Cambridge O Level

May/June 2022

As I traverse the winding paths of my hometown, nestled in the heart of the verdant forest, I am constantly reminded of the incredible diversity of fauna that call this place home. Two creatures, in particular, have always captured my imagination - the majestic elk and the elusive river otter.

The elk, with their imposing antlers and striking orange-brown coats, are a common sight in the surrounding meadows. These ungulates are known for their powerful and regal presence, as well as their tendency to form large herds during mating season. Their bellows, which echo through the valley, are a sure sign that fall has arrived.

But it's the river otters that truly fascinate me. These sleek and nimble mammals are a rare sight, but when spotted, they never fail to elicit a sense of wonder. They are known to be highly sociable and playful, often seen frolicking in the streams and rivers that run through the forest. Their lithe bodies, adorned with dense, dark fur, are perfectly adapted for an aquatic lifestyle.

Both the elk and the river otter call this place home, but their habitats could not be more different. The elk prefer the open meadows and grasslands, while the otters are most often found in the waterways that crisscross the forest.

As I stand here, taking in the beauty of these two magnificent creatures, I am reminded that my hometown is a place of great diversity and wonder. From the towering trees to the burbling streams, every inch of this land is teeming with life. And as I continue on my journey, I can't help but feel grateful to be able to call this place home.4

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