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Fossil fuel extraction belongs in the past not the future. Evaluate this statement.

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Cambridge International AS Level

May/June 2022

Fossil fuel extraction, the process of extracting coal, oil, and natural gas from the earth, has been the primary source of energy for many countries for centuries. However, there is a growing argument that fossil fuel extraction belongs in the past and should not be a part of the future energy mix. This statement has both valid points and counterarguments.

One of the main reasons why fossil fuels may be considered the energy of the past is that they are becoming depleted. Due to excessive extraction in the past, fossil fuel reserves are being depleted at a rapid pace, and it is projected that they will run out in the near future. Furthermore, fossil fuels are also damaging the environment and significantly increasing pollution, leading to climate change and other environmental issues.

Another argument against the continued use of fossil fuels is that the stability of the international order is being threatened by the dependence on them. Many countries are heavily dependent on fossil fuels for their energy needs, and this dependence has led to geopolitical conflicts and economic instability.
On the other hand, there are valid reasons to continue the use of fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, are not yet able to meet the energy demands of many countries. While there has been a significant increase in the use of renewable energy in recent years, it still only accounts for a small portion of the global energy mix. Additionally, the cost of renewable energy is still high, making it less accessible to many countries.

Furthermore, fossil fuels continue to be a primary source of energy in many countries and replacing them with renewable energy sources would be difficult and costly. In some cases, countries lack the infrastructure, resources, or expertise to make a smooth transition to renewable energy.
However, it is important to note that renewable energy technology is continually improving, and the efficiency of renewable energy generation is increasing. Additionally, modern nuclear energy can provide a safe and reliable source of energy, which can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels.

It is also important to consider the economic implications of transitioning away from fossil fuels. The fossil fuel industry employs a significant number of people, and the transition to renewable energy sources could result in job losses and economic downturns in certain areas. Furthermore, some argue that neglecting fossil fuels when other methods cannot deliver or are too costly is dangerous and will result in energy shortages and an inability to power vital infrastructure.

In conclusion, the statement that fossil fuel extraction belongs in the past and not the future has valid points and counterarguments. On one hand, fossil fuels are becoming depleted, damaging the environment, and threatening the stability of the international order. On the other hand, renewable energy sources are not yet able to meet the energy demands of many countries, and the transition away from fossil fuels would be difficult and costly. It is important to consider both sides of the argument and to carefully evaluate the potential consequences of transitioning away from fossil fuels while also considering the potential benefits of renewable energy sources and other alternatives. A balanced approach, including a combination of different sources of energy, may be the best solution for many countries.

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