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People are influenced more by their friends than by their families.’ Do you think this is true? Give reasons and examples to support your view.

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Cambridge O Level

October/November 2020

The debate over whether people are more influenced by their friends or their families has been ongoing for many years. While it may seem that friends have a greater impact on an individual's life, it is important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of each relationship and the role they play in shaping our lives.

On one hand, friends can provide a level of support and understanding that is not always present in family relationships. Friends often share common interests and experiences, which can make them a more trustworthy source of guidance and advice. In addition, friends are often closer in age and therefore may have a better understanding of the challenges that we face in life.

However, while friends may have a strong impact on our lives, it is important to remember that our families play an even greater role in shaping who we are. Family relationships are typically much deeper and more long-lasting than those with friends. Family members are often the first people we form attachments to and they have a profound influence on our values, beliefs and the choices we make throughout our lives.

In addition, families provide a unique level of support that cannot be found in friendships. Family members are typically more invested in our well-being and are more likely to be there for us through thick and thin. They also have a greater understanding of our upbringing and history, which gives them a more complete picture of who we are and the challenges we face.

Another aspect to consider is the role that peer pressure plays in our lives. Friends can often be a powerful source of pressure and can influence our decision making. This is especially true in the teenage years, when friends can have a significant impact on our choices, attitudes and behaviors. On the other hand, families are more likely to provide a counterbalance to peer pressure, as they are more likely to encourage us to make decisions that are in our best interest, even if they may not be popular with our friends.

In conclusion, while both friends and families play important roles in our lives, it is clear that families have a greater impact on shaping who we are as individuals. The close relationships we form with our families, combined with their life-long influence on our values and beliefs, make them an essential component of our personal development. However, this does not mean that friendships should be disregarded. Friends can provide important support and advice, and are an important aspect of our social lives. Both families and friends are essential to our well-being and it is important to strike a balance between the two.

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