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Report on a fire

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The fire occurred at around 4 pm at the Winners supermarket on the 7th of October 2021. I was present at the location. The fire was deliberately caused by a group of looters.

I was shopping at the supermarket when a group of about 20 people barged inside. The group consisted of men and women armed with firecrackers. They started to shoot the firecrackers inside the supermarket. The deafening sound caused immense panic among the shoppers. I did not see where the fire started but it spread rapidly.

There was a jam towards the exit as a massive crowd of people pushed their way towards the door. The atmosphere was becoming unbreathable with the smoke and heat. Some people were fainting. I saw the looters emptying the cash tills and fill their bags with everything on the shelves. Thankfully, the majority of customers managed to get out safely.

About 10 minutes later, the firefighters, ambulance and police arrived. The fire had gained in intensity and the whole supermarket was under flames and it was impossible to get in. Almost all the looters had managed to escape and flee. Those who suffered severely from smoke intoxication were taken to the ambulance. The police dispersed the curious onlookers. A policeman requested me to write a report on the fire.

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