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Report on a robbery

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The robbery took place at the Coventry Jewels Shop in the town of Coventry at about 4 pm on the 7th of October 2021. I was present at this location during the robbery. I witnessed the robbers steal at least 200 unique pieces of gold jewellery and a large bundle of cash.

I was the only customer in the jewellery shop when three masked men barged in. All of the men were dressed in black T-shirts and Jeans. I noticed the tattoo of a snake on the lower arm of the man at the front. He ordered the owner of the shop, at gunpoint, to fill a white cotton bag with cash from the till. He also threatened to shoot me if I moved. The other two men filled their own white bags with gold jewellery, among which rings, necklaces and earrings.

The robbery lasted about 10 minutes, after which the three men exited the shop. I saw them get into a red Volvo car. The man with the tattoo was the one driving. They speeded away towards the highway. The owner of the shop immediately called the police after their departure. I stayed with him until the arrival of the police. I was asked by the police to write this report.

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