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The bully

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Stephanie Jolie was no ordinary bully. She was pretty, witty, smart and anyone who met her would be attracted by her charming personality. She had the talent to charm boys, girls, adults and kids alike, and she always obtained what she wanted. However, underneath her pretty face, was a venomous snake.

The first time I saw her was on my first day at college. I had just moved into this town and I was new to the school. She was stunning. Her long flowing brown hair was tied in a perfect ponytail, behind her designer glasses were black piercing eyes and she was dressed in simple jeans and an immaculate white shirt. I noticed, however, that her simple clothing was from an unaffordable brand. She had a perfect silhouette and I was dwarfed by her impressive height.

During my first week at school, I heard rumours that Stephanie had made a girl named Lucy move out of town. Stephanie had somehow arranged that both of Lucy's parents be sacked from work. Stephanie was from a prominent and powerful family. However, I did not believe those who called her a bully.

Stephanie's grades were reputed to be top of the class, but that was before I had joined the school. Being autistic since I was a little boy, making friends was not my cup of tea, however, I excelled in my studies ever since childhood. During the national maths competition, everyone was impressed by Stephanie's 78% grade, she was the second-best internationally. I was the first. I got 81%. I made the local press and my peers started to take interest in me.

Then one day, I came across a dead rotting rat on my desk. I was horrified and let out a shriek. My classmates just laughed at me. Then, I saw it. Stephanie was looking at me with a pinched smile, her eyes sparkling with satisfaction. I hoped that she would stop there, but she didn't. Hurtful rumours were being spread about me: that I was kicked out of my previous school because I attacked people, that I behaved weirdly because I took special drugs and other shameful things. In the age of social media, rumours spread like wildfire. I lost the few friends that I had worked so hard to make. It was obvious to me who was the mastermind of all of these rumours.

I've had enough and decided to confront her. At a time when she was alone at school, I seized the opportunity to talk to her. 'What you're doing to me, it's just wrong' I said in a stern tone. She replied not with words but with an ominous evil grin. She lunged herself towards me, I pushed her in panic and she fell hard on the ground. She let out a loud piercing scream. 'He's attacking me! The weird guy! Help!' she shouted. Some teachers and students rushed to help her. They gave me a disgusted look. Nobody believed I was innocent. Even some teachers who might have taken my side were too afraid of her family. Nobody helped me. From that day onwards, I decided to keep a low profile, wishing to never cross her path again.

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