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Title :

Write a story called The Note, about a message someone received unexpectedly from an unknown source. In your writing, create a sense of drama and suspense. [25]

Essay type:

Narrative Writing



Cambridge International AS Level

October/November 2021

It all began with the note. Found on the doorstep of the old manor, it was a small, folded note with an unexpected message. The elderly gentleman, Mr. Smith, found it on a crisp autumn day, the leaves rustling in the wind. He picked up the note, not knowing what to expect, and unfolded it to reveal the mysterious message within.

The letter was written in a delicate script, and the words seemed to be from another time. "Your fate lies in the hands of the gods, and you must find the answer within the old manor," it said. Mr. Smith shivered, a chill running down his spine. He had no idea what the note meant, but he knew he had to find out.

With a heavy heart, Mr. Smith opened the door of the old manor. The air inside was musty and stale, as if no one had been in the manor in years. He made his way to the center of the house, where he found an old book resting on a dusty pedestal. He opened the book and saw a single sentence written within the pages: "The answer lies within the pages of this book."

Mr. Smith began to read the book, and as the pages flipped by, he slowly began to understand the message. The pages were filled with tales of ancient gods and prophecies, of secrets and hidden knowledge. He soon realized that the gods had chosen him to complete a great task, a task that would change the fate of the world.

Mr. Smith was filled with a newfound sense of purpose. He read the book with renewed vigor, searching for the answers he so desperately needed. As he read, he uncovered secrets and mysteries, a hidden legacy that had been left behind by the ancient gods. He realized that he was the chosen one, and that he alone could save the world.

With a newfound courage, Mr. Smith ventured into the depths of the old manor. He braved the darkness and ventured further and further, until he found himself in a small room with a single door. He opened the door and found himself in an ancient temple, filled with mysterious symbols and powerful artifacts. He had finally found the answer he was looking for.

With a heavy heart, Mr. Smith realized that his destiny was in his hands. He had been chosen by the gods to complete this.

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