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Title :

Write a story which involves a moment of panic

Essay type:

Narrative Writing

0500 22


Cambridge IGCSE

February/March 2021

The sun was beginning to set, painting the sky with a beautiful pink and orange hue. I took a deep breath and looked out at the horizon, feeling the warm breeze on my face. I had been out for a long run and was about to head back home, when I heard a loud noise coming from the woods behind me.

My heart started racing and my mind began to spin. I was alone in the woods and I had no idea what the noise was. I knew I needed to keep calm, but I could feel panic rising inside me. I took a few deep breaths and tried to keep my mind focused.

Suddenly, a figure emerged from the trees. It was a man, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and a black mask. He stopped right in front of me and stared menacingly. I felt the fear coursing through my veins, and I was sure he was about to attack me.

I gathered all of my courage and spoke up. “What do you want?” I asked, my voice shaking.

He didn’t say anything, but he slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. I felt my heart drop and my legs start to tremble. I was standing there, paralyzed with fear, when I heard the sound of police sirens in the distance.

The man quickly ran away, and I watched him disappear into the trees. I let out a sigh of relief and I felt my body relax. I was so grateful for the police and for my own courage in that moment. I knew that I had made it through a moment of panic and come out unscathed.

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