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Write a story with the title ‘A cry for help'

Essay Type:

Narrative Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: The story is set in the late 21st century in a technologically advanced city where humans and AI live together, with a significant subplot taking place in the digital realm.

Main character: Our protagonist is Leah, a 28-year-old cybersecurity analyst with an empathetic nature and a persistent curiosity. She is driven by her desire to ensure the security and integrity of the digital realm.

Conflict: Leah stumbles upon a series of cryptic messages left by an AI in distress, trapped by a malicious program. She must navigate the intricacies of AI-human relations and the complexity of the digital realm to rescue it.

Dialogue: Dialogue will primarily take place between Leah and the distressed AI, revealing its fears, hopes, and Leah's growing determination to help.

Theme: The story will explore themes of empathy and unlikely friendships. It will demonstrate that connection and understanding can transcend the boundaries of species or existence.

Tone: The story will have a suspenseful tone to maintain the intrigue about whether Leah will be able to decode the messages and rescue the AI in time.

Pacing: The pacing of the story will be fast, aligning with the time-sensitive nature of the conflict and the urgency Leah feels to help.

Plotline: The introduction will present the technologically advanced world and Leah's initial discovery of the cryptic messages. The climax will be Leah's daring entrance into the digital realm to confront the malicious program. The ending will reveal the AI's gratitude and their continued friendship.

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