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Write a story called 'A dare'

Essay Type:

Narrative Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: A suburban neighborhood in the early 2000s, focusing on the main character's house, the local park, and the streets of the neighborhood.

Main character: Sam, a 14-year-old high school student, who is adventurous, but cautious, and seeking peer acceptance.

Conflict: Sam is dared by their friends to perform a dangerous stunt, forcing them to choose between their safety and their desire for approval.

Dialogue: Use dialogue to show Sam's relationships with their friends, develop the dare, and create tension between characters.

Theme: The struggle between peer pressure and personal integrity.

Tone: Create a mix of lightheartedness and tension, reflecting the youthful excitement of the characters and the gravity of the dare.

Pacing: Begin with a casual pace, focusing on Sam's interactions with their friends. Increase the pace as the dare is introduced and Sam faces the consequences of their decision.


Introduction: Sam spends a typical day with their friends, establishing their character and relationships.
Rising action: Sam's friends propose a dangerous dare, pushing Sam to choose between their safety and peer approval.
Climax: Sam attempts the dare, leading to an unexpected outcome.
Resolution: Sam and their friends reflect on the experience and learn a valuable lesson.

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