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Two students will be taking part in a debate on whether the school day should start and finish
later, because many teenagers find it hard to get up early in the morning. One of the students
agrees with the idea, and the other student opposes it. Write the texts of their speeches (300–450
words each).

Essay Type:

Directed Writing

Essay Plan

Student 1 argues that starting school later would benefit students' academic success, health, and overall well-being, as research shows that teenagers' biological sleep patterns shift towards later times during adolescence. Delaying the start of the school day has been found to increase students' sleep, attendance, punctuality, and academic performance, while reducing instances of depression, substance abuse, and car accidents linked to sleep deprivation. Student 2, however, believes that a later start would have significant drawbacks, such as impeding after-school activities, reducing time for homework and self-study, and not preparing students for the realities of the working world, and suggests focusing on teaching good time management and sleep hygiene instead.

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