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Write a story about an occasion when you had to say sorry to someone, even though it was a very
difficult thing to do.

Essay Type:

Narrative Writing

Essay Plan

Sure, here's a simplified outline for your essay:

I. Introduction
A. Setting: The sun setting over a small town
B. Problem: The narrator shared Sam's secret about their family moving away

II. Problem Development
A. The narrator's internal struggle about admitting the mistake
B. The impact on their friendship with Sam

III. Decision to Apologize
A. The evening when the narrator decides to apologize
B. The act of calling Sam and expressing regret

IV. Conversation with Sam
A. Sam's initial reaction and expressing hurt feelings
B. The narrator's promise to make things better

V. Resolution and Lesson Learned
A. The long conversation leads to Sam's forgiveness
B. The narrator's efforts to mend the friendship
C. The friendship becomes stronger over time

VI. Conclusion
A. The narrator reflects on the importance of saying sorry and admitting mistakes
B. The gratitude for the experience and its impact on the narrator's relationship with Sam

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