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Write a story with the title, ‘Looking back’.

Essay Type:

Narrative Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: This story unfolds in the suburbs of a large city, spanning from the protagonist's childhood in the late 90s to the present day.

Main character: The main character, Daniel, is a 30-year-old software engineer. He is introspective, quietly ambitious, and has a knack for keeping his emotions hidden.

Conflict: Daniel wrestles with his feelings about his past, which contains a mix of cherished memories and regretful decisions.

Dialogue: The dialogue should demonstrate Daniel's growing self-awareness and acceptance. Conversations with his childhood friend, Mike, play a significant role in this journey.

Theme: The central theme is reflection and acceptance of one's past. This is developed as Daniel reconnects with his old neighborhood and explores feelings of nostalgia and regret.

Tone: The tone is contemplative and poignant, with moments of warmth and humor. It should evoke a sense of introspection and nostalgia.

Pacing: The narrative unfolds slowly, allowing for detailed exploration of Daniel's past and his emotions. The pacing increases as Daniel confronts a significant figure from his past.

Plotline: The story begins with Daniel's return to his childhood home. It then dives into a mix of current events and flashbacks. The climax features Daniel reconciling with an old friend, and the story concludes with him finding closure.

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