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Write two contrasting diary entries (300–450 words each): the first by a student after being shown
around a new school on the first day of the year; the second by the same student, two years later,
after showing a group of new students around the same school. In your writing, create a sense of
mood and place.

Essay Type:

Descriptive Writing

Essay Plan

Outline: Diary Entry 1: Student's First Day

I. Introduction
A. Setting: New school, entering through towering gates
B. Feeling of a pounding heart and a mix of excitement and apprehension

II. Exploring the Campus
A. Description of the sprawling campus and maze of buildings
B. Sensory details: Unfamiliar faces and the overwhelming scale of the environment
C. Highlights: Vibrant library, lively classrooms, grand auditorium

III. The Unfamiliar Maze
A. Hallways as a vortex of unfamiliarity
B. Nervousness and uncertainty about fitting in and finding friends
C. Transitioning through the cafeteria, computer lab, and sports field

IV. The Journey Ahead
A. Swirl of anticipation and trepidation upon entering the new classroom
B. Uncertainty mixed with possibilities and challenges


Outline: Diary Entry 2: Student's Perspective After Two Years

I. Introduction
A. Setting: Leading newcomers through the school as a confident senior
B. Reflection on the school feeling less daunting and faces becoming familiar

II. Guiding the Newcomers
A. Recalling memories associated with different locations in the school
B. Description of the library, classrooms, and the auditorium
C. Transformation of perception from apprehension to familiarity

III. A Changed Perspective
A. Shift in perception of once-intimidating places like the cafeteria and sports field
B. Symbolism of the cafeteria as a favorite hangout spot filled with laughter and camaraderie
C. Sports field as a symbol of teamwork and resilience

IV. A Walk Down Memory Lane
A. Recognition of personal growth and transformation
B. Observing anxious faces of the newcomers and realizing one's own progress
C. Nostalgia and excitement for the newcomers' journey and anticipation of their own future

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