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Write the opening of a story called Setting Off, about an expedition which has taken many months
to prepare for. In your writing, create a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Essay Type:

Narrative Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: The story is set in the present day at the bustling city of London's Heathrow Airport, where an international team is preparing to embark on an expedition to uncover ancient ruins in the Amazon rainforest.

Main character: The main character is Dr. Amelia Thompson, a 40-year-old archaeologist. She is adventurous, ambitious, and has a deep love for history and discovery. This expedition is the culmination of her years of research and planning.

Conflict: The main conflict arises from the logistical challenges and the unpredictable nature of the Amazon. Amelia's leadership skills are tested as she manages a diverse team while facing uncertainties.

Dialogue: Dialogue should reveal the character's relationships, their diverse backgrounds, and their individual motivations. It should also be used to relay important information about the upcoming expedition.

Theme: The central theme is the thrill of discovery and the human drive to explore the unknown. This theme will be developed as the team prepares and embarks on the journey.

Tone: The tone should be exhilarating and suspenseful, reflecting the excitement of the upcoming journey and the anticipation of what they might discover.

Pacing: The pace should be brisk, reflecting the bustling activity and fast-moving nature of the preparations. The pace should slow down for moments of introspection and character interaction.

Plotline: The story begins with the final preparations at the airport, with Amelia reflecting on the journey that brought her here. The story reaches its climax as they board the plane and take off, setting in motion their adventure.

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