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Imagine you have a rich relative who is considering whether or not to reserve a seat on one of the
first tourist space flights and they have asked you for your views.
Write a letter to your relative.
In your letter you should:
• evaluate the ideas and opinions in both texts
• give your own views to your relative, based on what you have read.
Base your letter on what you have read in both texts, but be careful to use your own words.
Address both of the bullet points.

Essay Type:

Directed Writing

Essay Plan

Title: Guidance on Reserving a Seat on a Tourist Space Flight

I. Introduction
A. Opening remarks and purpose of the letter
B. Thesis statement: Providing insights and guidance on the decision to reserve a seat on a tourist space flight

II. The Appeal of Space Tourism
A. Captivating nature of space travel and witnessing Earth from space
B. Revolutionary technological advancements enabling human exploration
C. Potential for a once-in-a-lifetime experience

III. Safety Concerns
A. Importance of safety in an emerging industry
B. Acknowledging the efforts of private space companies
C. Possibility of accidents or unforeseen situations
D. Need to carefully assess risks and rewards

IV. Environmental Considerations
A. Highlighting concerns about environmental impacts
B. Carbon emissions from rocket launches and climate change
C. Evaluating the potential consequences for the planet

V. Deliberation and Decision-Making
A. Encouraging cautious consideration of safety and environmental concerns
B. Examining personal excitement and willingness to accept risks
C. Considering the value of the experience in relation to potential negative impacts
D. Suggesting waiting for industry maturation and technological advancements if concerns prevail

VI. Conclusion
A. Summarizing the key points discussed
B. Reaffirming support for the relative's decision-making process
C. Expressing confidence in the relative's ability to make an informed choice
D. Closing remarks and warm regards

Note: This outline provides a structure for your letter based on the given text. Feel free to modify or expand upon the points as per your requirements and personal insights.

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