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Write a narrative with the title, ‘The Moon’

Essay Type:

Narrative Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: A dense, isolated forest during a weekend camping trip, in the present day, where the main character encounters an unexpected danger.

Main character: Alex, a 28-year-old software engineer who enjoys outdoor adventures, is resourceful, and has a strong desire for thrilling experiences.

Conflict: Alex faces a life-threatening situation while camping alone and must rely on their instincts and skills to overcome the danger.

Dialogue: Use dialogue to convey Alex's thoughts and any interactions with others before and after the encounter, as well as their growing understanding of their own capabilities.

Theme: Survival, self-discovery, and the power of human resilience.

Tone: Create a suspenseful and thrilling atmosphere, reflecting the danger Alex faces and their journey towards self-discovery.

Pacing: Start with a moderate pace to introduce the setting and character, then increase the pace during the encounter with danger, and slow down during the resolution to create a balanced narrative.


Introduction: Introduce Alex and their love for outdoor adventures, their decision to embark on a solo camping trip.
Rising action: Alex arrives at the camping site and starts to explore the surroundings, unaware of the lurking danger.
Climax: Alex encounters the danger (e.g., a wild animal or a natural disaster) and must use their skills and resourcefulness to survive.
Resolution: Alex overcomes the danger, gaining a new appreciation for their own abilities and resilience.

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