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Write a descriptive piece called The Ruins, about the remains of an ancient site. In your writing,
create a sense of atmosphere and place.

Essay Type:

Descriptive Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: The setting is an ancient archaeological site in Greece, with the ruins of a once majestic temple standing amidst a rugged landscape. The time is the present day, during the late afternoon as the setting sun casts long shadows across the ruins.

Main Character: The main character is Thomas, a 45-year-old archaeologist with a passion for ancient civilizations. He is inquisitive, reflective, and feels a deep connection with the past. His main motivation is to unearth the stories hidden within these ancient stones.

Theme: The central theme is the passage of time and the hidden stories that lie within the ruins. This theme should be woven throughout the essay through descriptions of the ruins, Thomas's reflections, and the atmosphere of the setting.

Tone: The tone should be reverent and introspective, reflecting Thomas's awe and respect for the ancient civilization and the remnants it left behind. It should maintain an air of mystery and intrigue appropriate to the setting and the character's exploration.

Pacing: The pace should be slow and measured, mirroring the timeless nature of the ruins and the deliberate, thoughtful manner of Thomas's exploration. There should be moments of tension when new discoveries are made, followed by release as they are reflected upon.

Optional: The word count should be around 400 words, focusing on descriptive language and imagery to create a vivid picture of the setting and the character's interaction with it.

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