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Write a story: 'You were invited to have dinner at a huge bungalow. There, you experienced something horrifying

Essay Type:

Narrative Writing

Essay Plan

1. The bungalow appeared to be ripped straight out of a gothic novel.
2. Thick vines hung from the roof and gargantuan stone frogs greeted them at the entrance.
3. The dining room was opulent, but the protagonist felt something was off.
4. A thunderstorm began to howl outside, and they couldn't make it back home.
5. The protagonist felt a sense of unease in their breathtaking room.
6. The protagonist's father had a strange dream about an old witch tugging at the protagonist's blanket.
7. The protagonist felt a sudden tug at their blanket and saw a tall, hooded figure looming over them.
8. The next morning, the protagonist and their father left the cursed bungalow.
9. The protagonist's father dreamt of the old witch again, who warned them that the house was cursed.
10. The protagonist felt they had narrowly escaped a terrible fate.

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