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How to write a striking A* economics essay
(with free examples!) 

Writing economics essays for A levels, O level or GCSE exams may seem like a daunting task. Where to start? How much to write? What to write? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here is a step by step guide that will help you write a striking A* economics essay!


Part one: Reading the exam question

Step 1: Underline the content words

Step 2: Underline Command words

Step 3: Look for extra requirements

Step 4: Look at the number of marks

Step 5: Plan time management

Part 2: Writing your essay

Step 1: Make a plan to ensure that not to go out of subject

Step 2: Structure your essay

Step 3: Include headings. Split the answer up wherever possible.

Step 4: Include diagrams where possible


Tip: Imagine that you are the teacher

FREE! Economics Model Essays

Writing a top grade economics essay is not that hard. Take a look at some examples first!

Economics Study Pack
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